Uncle Waffles’ Risque Looks Are a Masterclass in Party Dressing 

What’s the best part about receiving a party invite? Getting dressed up, of course. But, let’s be honest: parties can be one of the hardest briefs to dress for. A good soirée is an opportunity to be daring with your look, or don something sultry that wouldn’t exactly feel at home during the daytime. That being said, if you plan to spend the night dancing the night away, you want to look alluring yet comfortable, right?

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The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Month: Siyanda Bani, Hailey Bieber & More 

The world of fashion operates in its very own little bubble: escapist, always fabulous, and often far removed from the mundane. Every week, we’re flooded with so many images on social media that it can be dizzying to try and keep up. Fortunately, the Previdar fashion team has their fingers firmly on the pulse of the best fashion Instagrams this month – starring your favourite celebrities, influencers, “It” girls, and models – which means you don’t have to miss a single fashion post.

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7 Spring 2023 Fashion Trends You Need in Your Closet 

After a cold and lengthy winter season, spring is finally on the horizon! Expectedly, warmer weather calls for us to swap out our bulky winter wardrobe for the light and airy clothes we’ve kept packed away for months. The thought of lightening our load is enticing enough on its own, but we’re also looking forward to reassessing our collections and incorporating the top spring fashion trends into our outfits. For spring 2023, there is plenty to add to the mix.

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Our Top Picks from Vongai Mapho’s Dream Apparel

Social media was abuzz when digital creator and fashion entrepreneur Vongai Mapho announced the launch of her online clothing store, Dream Apparel. Its ultimate launch lived up to the hype and met the great expectations of Mzansi’s fashionistas. Since its formidable debut in the e-commerce fashion market, Vongai Mapho’s Dream Apparel has delivered countless voguish fashion ensembles to atelier enthusiasts across the country. From timeless pieces such as classic trench coats to modish loungewear, Dream Apparel is thee fashion hub.

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Loafers Are the Only Shoe Style You Need for Spring 2023

Loafers, especially the chunky models have established themselves as a classic and timeless piece in every fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. Arguably one of the comfiest flats out there, loafers are a chic way to elevate an outfit. Historically, the shoes were made of suede, leather, or croc-inspired styles but nowadays, you’ll find fun prints and patterns in chunky and sleek silhouettes. Not only are loafers super functional, but there are tons of styles you can wear to dress up or down. When it comes to the loafers 2023 trends, with its chunky soles, platform soles and bright colours, it is very versatile and varied.

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Is Quiet Luxury Sucking the Fun Out of Fashion?

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First seen on  HYPEBEAST 

The stealthy-but-wealthy style has saturated the mainstream lexicon thanks to TikTok’s firm grip — but perhaps it’s taking the joy out of dressing.

Quiet luxury. You’re tired of reading it, and we’re surprised we’re still typing it. Nonetheless, it persists. A product of social media’s obsession with the style of popular TV shows, the trend denotes a low-key fashion language rid of logos and embracing high-quality materials, landing somewhere in between normcore and minimalism. In simpler terms, it’s a $1,000 USD Loro Piana baseball hat paired with a $2,750 USD cardigan from The Row. It’s Sofia Richie Grainge in matrimonial Chanel meets Jacob Elordi off-duty, headed to Erewhon. It’s Succession, it’s the Olsen twins, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow, in all black, convincing the world she’s not responsible for a 2016 ski collision at Utah’s luxury Deer Valley Resort. It’s one collective “shh!” from the world’s richest glitterati.

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How to Re-Create Pabi Cooper’s Stellar Street-Style Looks on a Budget

Pabi Cooper knows how to stir up a street-style sensation each time she steps out, regardless of whether she’s putting on a five-star performance on stage or posing in a fire photoset on the Gram. Her off-duty superstar uniform is one where trendy “It items” shine – think ‘90s mini skirts and trendy fashion staples, combined with a solid foundation of wardrobe essentials. What catches our attention the most, however, is her usage of statement outerwear as the ideal outfit topper. No matter what she’s wearing underneath, which is often a plain, but perfect crop top and a lived-in pair of denim, she relies on stylish bombers and puffers to spruce up and add edge to each outfit.

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Everything We’re Buying from Superbalist’s BIGGEST Sale

After a long, dreary winter, Spring is on the horizon and a fashion transition is inevitable. With just a few more dawns away from the season, now is the perfect time to shop for some transitional fashion ensembles. Whether you need a new wardrobe or a stylistic revamp of your closet for Spring, Superbalist’s got your back! The online retail giant is having a big sale (up to 70% off!) on some of fashion’s best staples. The sale includes clothes, shoes, and trendy accessories – making it perfect for a closet overhaul. Moreover, it’s women’s month which is a good time to indulge in some retail therapy, without feeling guilty or breaking the bank.

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Life in Pink – Our Top 10 Barbiecore Picks From ZARA 

Let’s face it, it’s Barbie’s world and we’re all just living in it. With all the hype surrounding the highly anticipated live-action premiere of the “Barbie” movie, Barbiecore aesthetics have been trending in a massive way. From all-pink fashion staples and accessories to pink wine, scented candles, and makeup, there is a perfectly pink item to suit every Barbiecore enthusiast’s taste. 

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