10 Temi Otedola Fashion Moments That Portray Chic Minimalism at its Finest

Whether she’s embracing her signature take on modern minimalism or making a daring statement, actress and digital creator Temi Otedola has fashion mongers wrapped around her finger with her refreshing stylistic choices.  Her strength? Knowing how to reinterpret a trend within her personal aesthetic: Resurgent Y2K trends, high fashion statements, and pop culture topics are all well within her style abilities, and she uses each in a way that gets everyone talking and feels unapologetically true to herself.


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The Best Street Style from the Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 Shows

Dopamine colours, unconventional layers, and head-turning accessories. Yep, you guessed it – Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Summer is great in so many different ways, but when it comes to fashion, the winter season is where the magic happens. Of course, one can look great in the summer, but winter allows you the opportunity to layer and experiment with more pieces. The crowd at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which just kicked off its fall/winter 2024 schedule on January 29, knows all about stylistic experimentation.


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Our Latest Editorial Photoshoot is an Artistic Affair Between Fashion & Photography

Over the past decade, fashion images have proved to be politically and aesthetically provocative, economically useful, and ideologically powerful. Our memory of fashion has been through fashion photography and its publishing, rather than the actual fashion itself. But how willing are we to take it into a serious visual and cultural discourse – beyond its aesthetics and beauty? Our Fashion Editor and expert stylist Thobeka Mbane believes that it is all about the vision and concept of the shoot.


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Celebrity Style File – Elsa Majimbo’s Unconventional Fashion Era

“It’s a new era in fashion, there are no rules.” – Alexander Mcqueen


Fashion has always been the pinnacle in defining liberation, and it will always be a medium for it. In the era of Instagram domination, there is a concrete chance that you have seen unconventional outfits doing wonders in public places, which traditionally were merely constrained to the runway. Viral internet sensation and self-proclaimed “professional bragger”, Elsa Majimbo recently hopped on the unconventional fashion wave.

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The Best Red-Carpet Moments of 2023 from African Stars

From Pearl Thusi’s otherworldly look at the Durban July extravaganza to Tyla’s nod to the past, these were the celebrity fashion highlights of the year in Africa. 

It is indisputable that 2023 was a great year for celebrity fashion. We saw perhaps the most committed press tour wardrobe of all time; there was more glamour than ever at the big film festivals; we were treated to plenty of striking haute couture moments; and the daring dresses continued to cascade the red carpet.

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The Best Fashion Instagrams of The Month – Tyla, Nomalanga Shozi, Chlöe & More

November was a jam-packed fashion odyssey with auspicious events such as Joburg Fashion Week hosted by the prestigious Africa Fashion International (AFI), a glamorous launch from H&M and Paco Rabanne’s collection, a modish ready-to-wear collection from renowned fashion designer Orapeleng Modutle and Superbalist, as well as the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) red carpet which showcased extravagant vogue.


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MAXHOSA AFRICA Takes Fashionistas on a Galactic Odyssey with its “African Space Travellers Organisation” Capsule Collection

African luxury fashion brand, MAXHOSA AFRICA does not need an introduction. Boasting luxe woven geometric patterns in vivid hues such as red, blue, yellow, and orange, the brand has carved a distinctive signature that easily stands out. Founded by award-winning fashion designer, entrepreneur, and creative artist Laduma Ngxokolo in 2010, MAXHOSA AFRICA has established itself as a thought leader in the African luxury landscape. The globally renowned brand has showcased luxe, African-inspired apparel on big stages such as New York Fashion Week. Moreover, the brand’s knitwear has been spotted on international celebrities such as Beyoncé, veteran Black Panther star, John Kani, and most recently – Michelle Obama during her Cape Town trip.


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