As South Africa embraces the vibrancy of Women’s Month, there’s no better time to celebrate the remarkable talent, tenacity, and multifaceted brilliance of Nandi Madida. With a CV that boasts hosting multiple Global Citizen concerts across the globe, releasing chart-topping music, a Beyonce-collaboration, and partnerships with the biggest luxury brands on the planet – there can be no debate that Nandi Madida is one of the most gifted talents of our generation. And she is only getting started!


The multi-skilled powerhouse was announced as the host of Apple Music’s Africa Radio Now earlier on this year. Not only was the appointment historic, but it now sees Nandi speaking to millions of Apple Music subscribers every week through her live radio show on the streaming platform. This August, Previdar Magazine proudly presents Nandi Madida as our cover star, celebrating a Visionary Woman that is true embodiment of empowerment, creativity, and determination.


From her track record, to her unbelievable ability to work at the highest level while still being a wife and mom to two, Nandi has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with not just in Mzansi, but across the globe – and she’s got the voice to back it up.



“I’m having the time of my life right now. I’m most proud of living my life the best way I know how, and for me. The one thing I’m most proud of is that I never compromise my dreams or my morals to achieve my dreams. Now I’m seeing everything coming to fruition in a way that is just “So Nandi”.:


She kicks off our interview on a bubbly, friendly note. It’s a special time in her life and her career as new host of Apple Music Radio’s Africa Now. For anyone, it’s fair to say that would be a dream come true – For Nandi, it’s especially that for what she describes as the “Nerd” in her.


“Joining the Apple family has been so exciting and the techie-nerd in me is just like ‘What?!’ Going to Battersea in London and seeing those offices when you know the legacy of Apple, of Steve Jobs. I have really been blessed to be working with some of the best people in the world right now, from Black is King, and working with the best in music (this isn’t a debate) and now working with the best in radio like Ebro [Darden] – I’m really enjoying taking on projects and getting to learn from game-changers in different fields”.



Apple Music Radio’s profile across Africa has become tremendously popular in the past couple of years, with DJ Cuppy, LootLove, Dadaboy Ehiz and more of Africa’s biggest names landing and hosting shows on Apple Music 1.


I was curious about the journey towards landing your own show to which Nandi reveals –


“A demo was involved! Yup, I had to send a demo. Even at this stage of the game, you’ve got to prove yourself that you deserve this show and this gig – and this is something I find incredibly refreshing. I’m at a point in my career where I’m doing a lot of auditions and shooting my shot and proving my worth. I’m currently working on a film, and I auditioned for that too!”


Nandi’s retelling of the demo recording (which was live) was enough to make anybody nervous but she reveals that her colleagues ensured she felt the complete opposite.



“Everyone is so welcoming; they’ve taken to me like family and every time I get to meet or link up with anybody from the Apple team it’s just all love. Whether it’s working with Ebro in New York or hanging out with Dotty from London, they all bring nothing but warmth and love.”


Imagine going to see Burna Boy concert with Dotty as your plus-one. What a life.


“And she’s exactly like she is on her show! That same energy, it’s the same in person and it’s just incredible!”


Along with bringing in African hosts for their flagship radio shows, Apple Music Radio has also served as a platform to showcase some of the most exciting and influential sounds from across the continent.


“That’s the coolest part. You visit this beautiful Apple office and they’re talking about music all day. And they’re talking about amapiano, they’re speaking with knowledge, they understand what’s happening. I don’t have to explain the genre! I don’t have to explain afrotech, afrobeats, whether you’re in the UK or the US – you get it!”.



And that’s reflected in the show’s roster too. Some of her first few guests have been the likes of Bad Boy Timz, Omah Lay, Nviri the Story and Omah Lay – artists as talented as they are diverse.


“I always say that Africa is the cradle of all music, not just human-kind, but music too. So the fact that the world is now taking notice of us is deserved. We’ve inspired the world for the longest time and now it’s time we get our dues!”


We discuss the impact that these kinds of opportunities could have on South Africa


“I’m passionate about not just uplifting South Africa but connecting Southern Africa and empowering people. I love what our family in West Africa have done with Afrobeats and I’d love to see us doing the same with our genres and working together to create even more superstars like the ones we’ve seen come already. We’re grateful to live in a generation where talent can come from almost anywhere, there are no gatekeepers anymore. Social media has seen to that, and there’s still so much more we can do”



And when she exits the booth after another week’s show, Nandi remains booked and busy. We close off by discussing some of the projects on her radar,


“I’m finishing off a film that’s had me back and forth between LA and SA. We experienced some delays because of Covid but it still worked. A lot is happening – and also, shout out to Queen Beyonce. She has so much gravitas that, after working with her on Black is King, I literally got signed to 2 agencies from it. The enquiries flooded in and there’s more opportunities. She’s a literal powerhouse and I’m forever grateful.


I’m doing it all this year, I’m with the Pongracsz family and we have some exciting plans there, I’ve also got music coming too. I’ve got a song with DJ Kent coming, and lastly… there’s a song with someone else that you’ve all been asking me to collaborate with. Here’s a hint – 💍 ”.

She left it at that, and so will we.


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