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The Actor’s Activist: Chioma Umeala From The Woman King and One Piece to the Future of Film

As we look towards the next wave of exciting actors to keep our eyes on for the coming years, one name that has been on the radar for some time now is that of Chioma Umeala. The Nigerian-South African actress has truly glittered her CV with some mouthwatering roles and established herself as one of our continent’s most exciting on-screen stars with roles in blockbusters like 2022’s The Woman King.


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Nandi Madida Apple Music’s Visionary Woman: A Voice to Be Reckoned With 

As South Africa embraces the vibrancy of Women’s Month, there’s no better time to celebrate the remarkable talent, tenacity, and multifaceted brilliance of Nandi Madida. With a CV that boasts hosting multiple Global Citizen concerts across the globe, releasing chart-topping music, a Beyonce-collaboration, and partnerships with the biggest luxury brands on the planet – there can be no debate that Nandi Madida is one of the most gifted talents of our generation. And she is only getting started!

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