Mzansi’s most loved cider, Savanna is the gift that keeps on giving. Not being content with blessing South Aah with crisp and refreshing premium ciders, the innovative brand has decided to bring its dryness to something that you can’t drink – waterproof apparel. In partnership with prolific South African fashion designer Wanda Lephoto, the cider brand is launching a limited-fashion-edition of waterproof apparel Dry Goods. The trail-blazing apparel is said to be for the underwater world and will only be available to persons over the age of 18.

Embracing the inevitability of climate change, the premium collection is crafted using sustainable materials – making a meaningful stateful about the importance of environmental consciousness in the fashion industry. This innovative collaboration consists of ready-to-wear parkas, shorts, cross-body bags, matching sets, trench coats and jackets.

The visionary Wanda Lephoto has always explored the notion of luxury wear, fusing African heritage, traditions, identities, and approaches with global nuances to form new propositions for representation. The astounding fashion designer merges different worlds to create a free space that allows people to negotiate the boundaries of their own representation and identity through style. Additionally, the Savanna x Wanda Lephoto collaboration will also include exclusive one-of-one garments made using a sustainable second-life process such as adjustable, multi-layered trench coats, skirts, and jackets.


Savanna x Wanda Lephoto dandelion and green check matching set from the Dry Goods waterproof collection


Speaking about the ground-breaking collaboration, Wanda Lephoto mentioned the importance of authentic representation. “Collaboration has always been key to us; it is one of the pillars that drive and motivate us to continue our journey. Collaborating with Savanna represents the people of South Africa in their most authentic way, which is an idea we truly aspire to as we also do work that aims to reflect the people, cultures, and beauties of South African people in the most authentic way,” expressed Wanda.

In the spirit of digitisation, the Savanna x Wanda Lephoto Collaboration will also have a digital iteration, where one-of-one garments will be 3D modelled and turned into collectables to be auctioned online; along with the physical garment. That’s not all. Reiterating their stance on sustainable fashion through digitisation, Savanna attempted a world first by conceptualising what they have dubbed “the world’s first-ever recycled digital collectable”. By sourcing burnt NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and repurposing their artwork, Wanda designed a singular piece that will be turned into a virtual digital avatar to make a statement about sustainability in the digital realm.

The proceeds from the sale of the Dry Goods waterproof apparel range will be donated to GreenUp, a thought leader focused on climate action, environmental education, and community resilience.



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