The rise of thrift culture has introduced Gen Z to a world that is tailor-made for ordinary teenagers and young adults who have a strong sense of identity. Shot in Braamfontein thrift store, the second tier of the photographic series ‘Out of this world: Down to Earth’ is an urban utopian fantasy that portrays this kind of world.


Speaking about the series’ creative direction, Creative Director, King Nandi mentioned that the advent of AI played a role in that regard.

“This thrift shop has a book store which I found to be interesting. I love the fact that there’s an area of physical books with comic books being among them, in a store that is mainly targeted for the youth. With the rise of technology and AI, I appreciate stuff like this. It keeps humanity grounded. This also ties well into the theme of using print media with photography”, expresses King Nandi.


The Creative Director further alluded that the series’ creative inspiration was propelled by the realisation that there is a whole new generation that has a different perspective on modern-day society.


“The inspiration behind this came when I realised that there is a whole new generation ahead of us that is taking a new approach to how we used to do EVERYTHING in society. We wanted to welcome that change and make it known that they have the platform and we are watching. We wanted to embrace this part of revolution before I don’t know. Generation AI comes in”, shares King Nandi.


We shot in dark spaces which made sense when the art direction came to be. Typically I don’t think that you’d be found in a bright room when an alien invasion occurs.”


In the series, we see one of the superheroes who acts as an anchor to complete the mission of invasion. We see him in an orb of light like his counterparts, in the thrift store grabbing bags of clothes.


Thrift culture is not only the conscious rejection of harmful wastage, but a collaborative revival of individuality, fashion, and community. Here, individuals express their unique tastes and share their mindsets, efforts, and clothing. Gen Z’s culture of sharing information made waves that moved the arts in different directions.


King Nandi, with a team of esteemed talented artists alike, brings this change home, personally selecting agency supermodels with key characters and aesthetics that translate the movement in an artistic, fashionable, and tasteful manner.




Talent Management:

Lethabo Monareng @artbylethabo

Photography & CD

Nandi Khemese

@kingnandi @therealkingnandi


Don Makhubela @rockstar.wiff.n

Agency – Ice Models


Phalo Dana @dana.s_inferno (boy with green dreads)

Kolin Hero @kolindesgarcon (girl with blonde dreads)

Gino @raegotsanity_official (boy looking in the mirror)

Krishna Mabila @bby.krishh



Naledi Ranaka @naledi_ranaka (girl with blonde



Philani Jila @ (boy in grey beanie hat)


Bertha Street

Braamfontein, Johannesburg


South Africa

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