While the multitalented media star is exposed to so many luxurious things that life can throw at you, there are just a few things that have made his Most favourite Things list that are super special to him – like his dear mama and jewelry. 

The star lets us in a little bit more on his ultimate favourite things list.






I never go anywhere without my sunglasses, whether it’s day or night. I absolutely love sunglasses – from designer eyewear to cheap R50 ones. I am a lover of good sunglasses. 



A black suit

It is literally my go-to. It is basically my uniform, I dress it up or dress it down. I always feel like if I don’t know what to wear, a black suit is the way to go. 




I have an amazing cologne collection, if I do say so myself. And I love learning about fragrances from niche fragrances to designer fragrances. The way you smell is what tops off your entire look, so I love a good cologne.



Good Music  

I can’t live without music. My playlist is literally divided into different sections of my life to create a mood.  So I have a workout playlist, a kind of romantic playlist, I have an energizing/party kind of playlist. So, good music is definitely at the top of my list. 




This is a guilty pleasure. I am trying to get into shape, I’ve been trying to get into shape for my entire life but my kryptonite is a burger. I will eat a burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Trying to change it. Trying to get it off this list but as it stands LOL burgers are also good for me. 




I absolutely love boots. I wear boots with my casual looks. I wear boots  with my formal looks. I love a boot with a good heel, I love a good platform Dr. Marten boots and I always incorporate those into my look. And right now, I kinda feel like boots are the only thing I wear.



Reality Tv 

I am a couch potato so if I am not working or out and about, I am definitely at home on my couch watching some good reality TV from The Real Housewives to Married to Medicine, baking shows. Everything you can imagine. So reality TV is something I definitely like to do in my spare time and I really do enjoy it. 




From manicures, pedicures, getting a good haircut, trimming the beard, getting a wax – those are so important to me. I think it really just makes you feel good. I think you’d want to feel good naked as much as you can put on all these amazing clothes, you actually want to know that you are well groomed. So it’s so important for me to keep the hedges short, keep the nails short and be clean. 



Lunch Dates 

I feel like in the fast-paced life that we live in, we lose contact with the people who are important to us. So a good lunch date with some friends or family is something that I love to do and I think I might just have a good lunch date weekly, and have those instagrammable moments for us food/Instagram section people. 

The talented star has a lot of layers to him that make him who he is. A sentimental, stylish and talented Kat Sinivasan 🫶🏽

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