Virtuosic artist, writer, singer, and performer TAWVN – short for “The Artist With Various Names”, is a Jill of all trades. From recording and producing in a bedroom studio to performing at YFM, the songstress is graciously rising to the pinnacle. TAWVN recently released a state of the art animation video for her single “Ngizok’ Bamba” which has received airplay from multiple radio stations across the country.

The multifaceted artist shared a list of her favourite things with us ranging from euphonious music to must-have skincare products.


1. Historic Books


I’ve always had a love for history, knowing how things began, and the lineage and ontology of how I came to be. History and remembering facts and numbers was very easy for me in high school, and I did quite well (A+) in my matric final paper for history, so my love for history and historical truths stayed with me even throughout varsity in the courses I studied, and it’s still with me now even in my capacity. The Zulu Nation and its history is one of the nations whose history is globally popular and known in one way or another. And, it’s very easy to be satisfied with that and not think there’s a need to dig deeper. I began understanding that what is known about my home and culture is told not from a Zulu perspective. That’s when I wanted to know more, in addition to what every Zulu person is taught at home, I wanted to know and learn even more. So, these two books from Shalo Mbatha and the late uBab’ Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa are opening my eyes and setting me freer than I already was before. 


2. My  Laptop 


I take my laptop everywhere. I genuinely wouldn’t be able to live without it. I enjoy the picture quality that it provides and this is very important for me especially when reviewing and editing visuals that I work on for my projects; I trust the quality (and sound) more.


3. Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Woolworths 


My favourite kitchen item currently is the Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Woolworths. It’s not only healthy but it makes food, especially eggs (I’m currently obsessed with Woolies eggs in the blue egg carton) taste even better without having to go over the top with flavour and spices. Obsessed.


4. Young Solution Mattifying Anti-spot Moisturiser



My favourite moisturiser is the Young Solution Mattifying Anti-spot Moisturiser with SPF15. It’s all things in one for my skin. I have oily skin, so I need something that will quail that as I go along my day, but my skin doesn’t look great when it’s completely mattified and without moisture, so I needed something that would have both the mattifying and moisturising effect at the same time. Sunscreen was also important to me but I also didn’t want to burden my skin with another layer that would now clog my pores and also leave a white residue on it as I live my life throughout the day. So, it was great to find a moisturiser that had SPF as well. All in one.

5. My Grandmother’s Timeless Skirt 


One of my most treasured items overall is my grandmother’s skirt. It looks amazing; the colours are still vibrant and bright, and the material is still lovely. The quality still stands and remains. It always looks chic when I wear it, but more than anything it always reminds me of her and her love that I had the fortune and pleasure of having poured into me for a heavily substantial part of my life even up to my teenage years. It’s not only a piece of vintage clothing, it’s also a reminder of the foundation of wholesomeness and love I was raised with, in, and was given.


6. Dolly Varden Glycerine


My hair treatment regimen involves a concoction of ingredients and products. I do sometimes try out different shampoos and moisturisers (as my hair doesn’t like oil-based but water-based products), but what tends to always remain unchanged is the Dolly Varden Glycerine. It’s a water-based moisturiser that my hair loves! I got introduced to it by my grandmother; it also reminds me of beautiful memories of where I’d do her hair and moisturise and plait it as a kid…and she would go on about her day with the style I would’ve plaited her hair in even though I was a child plaiting in my childlike capacity – so sweet.


7. Music


My music taste is vast, expansive, and eccentric. I am currently obsessed with Lebo M’s “He Lives In You (From “Rhythm Of The Pride Lands”)”; it makes me feel so free, gloriously African, and makes me marvel at the spirit of Ubuntu that we have as Nguni people, and makes me feel connected to the Earth, and the Universe. It makes me feel majestic!


My song “Ngizok’bamba”, as well as its music video 


“Washed Away” by Kalela 


8. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 

This Pellegrino sparkling mineral water has been my gateway into sparkling water; I was never really a fan until I tasted it. Love it.


9. Shaka iLembe 


I’m currently OBSESSED with Shaka iLembe; it’s an extremely affirming work of art and storytelling that couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s extraordinary and I think that we haven’t grasped how monumental and historical this feat that everyone involved in this production has achieved, and how this has caused a shift in the unseen realm that we are yet to see and marvel at in the seen. The soundtrack blows my mind every time. Bravo to the team!


10. My Sister 


My best friend is my sister. My grandmother (and mother) has always said and encouraged that ‘your best friend should be your siblings and family members’. And, true to form and upbringing, my sister has fit the bill. I have other friends, but she is the first one of the gyals for me. She graduated not so long ago, and I couldn’t have been prouder. 

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