Multitalented media personality Pamela Mtanga is one professional who not only takes pride in her work but also her aesthetics. According to Pamela, being raised by her father subsequently led her to not being able to express her inner Barbie during childhood. However, the fashion enthusiast has dedicated her adult life to cultivating her inner beauty goddess.

With a flawless beauty persona and timeless style, the busybee took time off to share her top ten favourite things with us. Enjoy!


1. Sunscreen

My favourite facial product is sunscreen, it is a staple that I can’t go a day without. I just love the benefits of slowing down aging.


2. Blush from Mac 

Blush from Mac which is a peach/orange shade is my absolute favourite. If you ever see me without blush on, just know that I am having a very bad day. You must see my blush from a mile away. The peach undertone is perfect for a dark-skinned person with a yellow undertone skin like mine.


3. Facials 

Getting facials is one of my favourite beauty hacks. It is the best thing you could ever do for your face. If you can afford one, I recommend you make them part of your routine and if you can’t, I highly recommend making your own facial scrubs and masks at home. There’s a brown sugar and honey scrub, a banana mask and an egg mask are all affordable DIYs that you can invest in.


4. Camel Coat 


My camel coat is my favourite winter fashion item because it goes through five million seasons and it never gets old. My most favourite is from Zara, one that you can always restyle in whatever trend is in or it can be worn in a classic simple way.


5. Tulle Dresses 


My go-to fashion piece is a beautiful tulle dress whether it is raining or storming. I remember in London last year in November, I wore a short mint green tulle dress and everyone was staring because it was the audacity of stepping out in a tulle dress in that weather. So in any season, I will wear a tulle dress, whether it’s long or short.


6. Jamaican Caster Oil



A must-have hair product is Jamaican castor oil, and I know my mother would come for me if I don’t mention it. My mom swears by this product.


7. Curly Hair


Curls are my favourite hairstyle of all time. I would choose big curls over any other hairstyle any day. I literally have to stop myself from wearing curls all the time because I can’t get my hands off them. I feel like they bring out my features and are just perfect.


8. Bolognese 


The best dish I can make is Bolognese, any day any time. I will go to Italy and tell the Italians that I can make the most amazing Bolognese – better than they do – because man, I make the best in the world.


9. Simple Pleasures 


For fun, I love simplicity. Doing simple things like yoga, going for a picnic, or just eating ice cream at the beach makes me happy. The beach in Cape Town is my happy place.


10. Gucci Bag 

The most treasured item in my closet has to be my Gucci bag. Because I am always investing in my brand and my work, I hardly splurge on myself. A friend of mine had to talk me into spoiling myself while we were in Italy and this bag represents me making myself happy. It meant a lot to me to do something nice for myself.

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