With an entrepreneurial spirit and unrivalled creative flair, Naliyani Uma effortlessly balances multiple roles while leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Synonymous with style and sophistication, the fashion and beauty influencer curates a unique blend of inspiration and expertise, collaborating with renowned brands internationally.

Naliyani Uma | INSTAGRAM

The fashionmonger has graced our Instagram feeds with countless breathtaking style montages from various red-carpet events with her regal-esque gown at the ‘Bridgerton Season 3’ premiere being the latest one.



We have a chat with Naliyani Uma where she shares her favourite things with us and lets us into her captivating world where fashion, beauty, and lifestyle intertwine in a dazzling display of elegance and innovation.


Family Time


There’s nothing quite like the solace I find in spending quality moments with my loved ones – be it with my family, friends, my fiancé, or even my adorable English bulldogs. It’s a sanctuary of joy and connection that truly rejuvenates the soul.




Indulging in a luxurious blowout, treating myself to a mani-pedi, rejuvenating with a soothing facial, and not forgetting the indulgence of oiling my hair—are not just routines; they’re sacred rituals of self-love and empowerment. These moments of pampering aren’t merely superficial; they’re essential for nurturing oneself physically and cultivating inner confidence. After all, stepping into any space with grace and assurance begins with honoring and cherishing our own well-being. For me, it’s about embodying the essence of confidence. When I enter a room, I strive to emanate the epitome of my physical best, exuding self-assurance and radiance.




My day doesn’t truly begin until I’ve savored my cherished cup of Thalki Chai. It’s not just a beverage; it’s my essential elixir, fueling me with warmth and vitality to tackle whatever lies ahead. 




For me, Versace transcends mere fashion; it embodies an eternal allure that defies the constraints of time. The iconic designs from the ’90s continue to inspire me, resonating with a timeless elegance that speaks to my soul.



Live Music


There’s an unparalleled magic in experiencing live music, whether it’s the raw energy of local talent or the mesmerizing performances of international artists. It’s a testament to the boundless creativity and artistry that enriches our world.




To me, styling is more than just adorning oneself with labels; it’s a profound form of self-expression and artistry. Fashion should be a language that speaks volumes about your identity in a room before you even utter a word – and therein lies its transformative power.




Exploring new horizons, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and savoring exotic cuisines – these are the experiences that truly enrich my life. Every journey is an opportunity for growth, broadening my perspective and deepening my appreciation for the world’s endless wonders.


Cooking and Baking


My culinary adventures have taken a delightful turn, especially with my newfound passion for crafting delectable curries. Channeling my inner ‘MasterChef,’ I find solace and creativity in the kitchen, honouring the legacy of my mother’s culinary prowess.


Wood/Oud Scented Unisex Perfumes


When it comes to fragrance, I’m irresistibly drawn to the rich, evocative notes of wood and oud. Whether it’s the intoxicating allure of Frederic Malle’s “Portrait of a Lady” or the captivating essence of Louis Vuitton’s “Ombré Nomade,” these scents effortlessly complement my style and persona. Additionally, for a fresh burst of fragrance, my go-to is Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, adding a touch of vitality to my ensemble.


Being a Homebody

Sometimes, the greatest luxury lies in the simple pleasures of home – indulging in my favorite snacks, cocooned in tranquility while losing myself in the captivating drama of reality TV. It’s a priceless sanctuary where I recharge and revel in life’s little joys.

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