Award-winning Afro Hip Hop artist and reality TV star Gigi Lamayne does not need an introduction. From collaborating with African music giants such as Khuli Chana and Kwesta to starring in MTV’s “Love & Hip Hop South Africa”, Gigi has earned her stripes as an entertainment industry heavyweight. Showcasing her boundless musicality, the rap queen recently released a dance track titled “Menzi Ngubane”, featuring Lady Du, Robot Boii, Ntosh Gazi and Mustbedubz. As an artist, Gigi Lamayne’s life is filled with incredible experiences and opportunities. The rap queen shared the top ten things that bring joy and fulfilment to her existence.


1. Music 


First and foremost, music holds a special place in my heart. It fuels my creativity and serves as a constant companion through every step of my artistic journey. Whether it’s performing on stage or relaxing at home singing along to my favorite tunes, music sets the tone and stirs emotions within me.


2. Books


Books offer solace and intellectual stimulation in the midst of a fast-paced lifestyle. Reading transports me to different worlds, expands my knowledge, and allows me to explore the depths of human imagination. The written word has the power to move hearts and influence minds.


3. My Family & Friends


Family and friends hold a special place in my heart. Their love, support, and presence make every day meaningful. Spending quality time with them, sharing laughter, and creating memories are some of the most cherished moments of my life. The bonds we share are irreplaceable and bring immense happiness and comfort.


4. Dogs


Dogs, with their unconditional love and loyalty, they have become cherished members of my family. They have a way of brightening up my day,and playful nature is truly heart-warming. Whether it’s cuddling up with them on a lazy afternoon or going for long walks, their presence brings immense joy and a sense of companionship.


5. Wigs 


Wigs are a fun and creative way to express myself. They allow me to experiment with different hairstyles and colors without making any permanent changes to my hair. It’s like having a new identity every time I put one on, and it adds an element of excitement and confidence to my everyday life.




Travelling is a passion that fills me with excitement and wonder. Exploring new places, experiencing diverse cultures, and witnessing breathtaking sights are all part of the adventure. Whether it’s wandering through historic cities or immersing myself in the beauty of nature, each journey brings a sense of awe and enriches my perspective on the world.


7. Shopping


Shopping is a guilty pleasure that brings a thrill of anticipation. It’s not just about acquiring material possessions but also about the joy of discovering unique items, exploring different styles, and treating myself to something special. The process of finding the perfect piece and the satisfaction it brings is truly delightful.


8. My Phone


My mobile phone, a constant companion in this digital age, connects me to my fans and collaborators and the world at large. It has become an indispensable tool in my daily life. It keeps me connected with loved ones, allows me to access information instantly, and provides a lot of entertainment options. From capturing precious moments to staying organized and productive, my phone has become a reliable companion that enhances my life in countless ways.


9. My Artistry


My work, as a hip hop artist, I find immense satisfaction in crafting lyrics, experimenting with beats, and expressing myself through rhythm and rhyme. The creative process is invigorating, and being able to connect with an audience through my music is an incredibly rewarding experience.


10. My Car


Lastly when it comes to my car, it’s more than just a mode of transportation for me. I appreciate its sleek design, powerful engine, and the sense of freedom it provides. Taking a long drive with my favorite music playing in the background is a perfect way to unwind and clear my mind. I also enjoy the thrill of driving, especially on scenic routes with breathtaking views.


Gigi Lamayne expressed gratitude for the elements that add colour and richness to her everyday experiences.

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