Extraordinary. That is how one would describe virtuoso Catherine Pretorius, popularly known as Dope Saint Jude. Born and bred in Cape Town, the rapper and songwriter is a globe-touring musician with a passion for the arts. With a new single out called “Alphas”, Previdar had a chat with Dope Saint Jude to discuss her favourite things – from artistic artefacts to her favourite pair of sneakers.


1. Ginologist Alcohol Free Gin and sugar free tonic


I did the “Sober January” challenge. As a big fan of a gin and tonic, Ginologist Alcohol free gin and a sugar free tonic are a great, low calorie alternative to an actual gin and tonic.


2. Applewatch


I use it to track my workouts, steps, weather, as an alarm or timer. It is such a useful tool! My suggestion is to delete social media off the watch though, so it is not a distraction. You can also customise it with different straps, so it matches your outfit.


3. Sony A6400 Camera

The Sony a6400 is a great camera for filming and taking photos. I am an amateur videographer and film maker and it is
helpful for BTS, social media and other content creation.


4. Custom Colour hair colour



I recently shaved my head and a fun part of having short hair is changing colours regularly. I found a cool company that sells different bright hair colours and I have been a fan ever since.


5. White Airforce 1s



Over the years, this is the one sneaker I keep coming back to. It’s simple and easy to pair with different looks.


6. Dada Khanyisa Artwork “I can’t change, even if I tried”



This is artwork is the first artwork we bought for our home in Cape Town. We are both fans of Dada Khanyisa this piece is
meaningful to us as a couple.


7. Airloom Ndebele rug



I am obsessed with the way this rug brightens up our living space. The design is beautiful and it is probably my favourite piece
of furniture/decor in our home.


8. Bright Green Jeep



Roxanne and I got this car when we moved from London to Cape Town. The bright colour is a symbol of our playful and childlike nature. We drove the car to Africa Burn and it did really well over the bumpy roads. It’s an essential in my day to day
and one of my favourite things.


9. Photo Album from my band



This photobook has memories of the European Tour I did from 2021-2022. I made really good friends on that tour and this book serves as a time capsule for that period.


10. Eco-flow River pro



Load shedding is challenging for all of us. During the load shedding blocks, I plug my workstation into the River-pro and I am
able to continue working, watch TV or have the room lit up

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