Loafers, especially the chunky models have established themselves as a classic and timeless piece in every fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. Arguably one of the comfiest flats out there, loafers are a chic way to elevate an outfit. Historically, the shoes were made of suede, leather, or croc-inspired styles but nowadays, you’ll find fun prints and patterns in chunky and sleek silhouettes. Not only are loafers super functional, but there are tons of styles you can wear to dress up or down. When it comes to the loafers 2023 trends, with its chunky soles, platform soles and bright colours, it is very versatile and varied.

Whether you need a new wardrobe or a stylish revamp, loafers are a must-have ahead of Spring. From Steve Madden and Gucci to Coach and ZARA, every fashionista is guaranteed to find a match. Ahead, 6 styles of loafers to invest in ahead of Spring 2023.


Chunky Loafers

ZANDO Madison Bella Chunky Loafer Black
489, 00 ZAR



Chunky loafers are the fashion industry’s favourite flat footwear for Spring, just like they were for winter and autumn. As far as trends go, we decree that chunky loafers have transcended the one season wonder and are fast on track to reaching modern icon status (along with trench coats, blazers, and cross-body bags). Worn alongside jeans and knits or midi skirts and sweatshirts, chunky loafers have an impressive fan base on Instagram, so much so that they are arguably the most popular style of the trendy shoe.


Square Toe Loafer

WOOLWORTHS Square Toe Loafers
499.00 ZAR


The statement toe loafer is having a moment and we are here for it. This can partly be attributed to the Maison Margiela’s Tabi Loafer, as well as Jil Sander’s elongated Metal Plaque loafer. Square toe loafers are the most accessible way to stand out from the crowd. Graphic, bold, and sculptural, even the high-street has cottoned onto the square-toe’s ability to make any shoe at least 80% cooler, but we think it lends itself best to the humble loafer.


Horsebit Loafers

GUCCI Jordaan Horsebit Leather Loafers
14 500,00 ZAR



The horsebit is almost so synonymous with the loafer that you’d be forgiven for thinking that a shoe wasn’t a loafer without one. There is something about the Horsebit loafer that makes it appropriate for every dress code. A colourful floral suit? Cool. A pleated skirt and a blazer for the office? Perfect. Top of our list?  Gucci’s original leather loafer ranks highly. However, there are a few high-street homages that are just as chic.



Coloured Loafers

WOOLWORTHS Metallic Trim Loafers Blue 5
529, 00 ZAR


Let’s face it, we love black loafers, but thanks to the dopamine dressing trend, there’s always room to squeeze in a pop of colour to help lift an outfit. Nothing says “spring” quite like a new colour trend, and fortunately, just about anything goes when it comes to loafers. There’s seasonal pastels, colour-block brights, and subtle creams for the minimalists who don’t want to stray too far away from a monochrome colour scheme.

Quilted Loafer

EDGARS Quilted Loafer with Metal Bar Trim – Black
229, 99 ZAR


Another shoe trend to be inspired to shop ahead of Spring is the quilted loafer. The original comes from Chanel, and echoes the houses’ covetable flap bag, but the popularity of the polished design has seen it translated time and again by some of our favourite shoe brands adding their own spin to create something entirely new. Now your shoes can really match your bag.



Logo Loafers

MICHAEL KORS Parker Leather Loafers
5 365, 00 ZAR


If someone asked you to think of the most popular loafer of recent times, chances are you’d imagine one with golden hardware such as the Prada brushed leather loafer. After an obsession with this unassuming shoe spread like wildfire, 2023 brings a whole host of new logo loafers for us to equally enjoy. These are shoes that signify that the wearer is trendy.

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