The Zulu nation’s vibrant culture has been explored widely in various art forms across the globe, with fashion being the most prominent aspect. This can be attributed to the nation’s strong warrior history, as well as its paradoxical sense of nationhood and warmth. Illustrating the beauty of the Zulu nation, renowned visual artist Trevor Stuurman joined forces with high fashion powerhouse, Gucci to capture the essence of African heritage through voguish imagery. The sensational collaboration follows the highly anticipated opening of the first-ever Gucci store in Durban.

Popularly known for mesmerizing art enthusiasts with his expressive work, Trevor Stuurman embraces his deep-rooted connection to the customs and traditions of African people in this collaborative visual work of art. Stuurman’s passion for African heritage is evident in his striking visuals that bridge the gap between the past and the present, as well as the traditional and the modern.

One of the standout pieces in the Gucci x Trevor Stuurman campaign is a picturesque photograph that captures a young Zulu man adorned in a traditional umqhele (warrior headband). The headband symbolises the endurance of the Zulu nation and is an imperative part of the nation’s heritage.



Comprising what appears to be Ostrich feathers, the umqhele is also a testament to Stuurman’s keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of the moment.

Speaking about his collaboration with Gucci, the acclaimed visual artist mentioned the power of globalisation in art. “I have always identified as a global African; someone who is deeply rooted in the ideology of home. Being approached by Gucci to contribute for its arrival to the city of eThekwini (Durban), at the new Oceans Mall, was not only a celebration but also a reminder of the importance of cultural collaboration. It also speaks to the power of globalisation,” expressed Stuurman.



Being a multifaceted artist, Trevor’s artistic vision for the campaign extends beyond the visual elements of the Zulu culture. The hyphenate artist delves deep into the spiritual, and emotional aspects of the Zulu way of life, capturing the essence of their beliefs and values. In one of the collaboration’s photographs, Stuurman captures a candid shot of a Zulu woman adorning a Gucci necklace on top of her traditional Zulu neckpiece. The evocative image speaks to the deep spirituality and ancestral reverence that are at the heart of the Zulu culture while adding a modern twist through the necklace from Gucci.



Expectedly, the Gucci x Trevor Stuurman collaboration pays homage to the historical resilience and strength of the Zulu nation, who have overcome countless challenges. The collaboration portrays the Zulu nation as proud, dignified, and unapologetically African, with a sense of self-assurance that is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Through his art, Stuurman narrates a story of a people who have preserved their culture and traditions against all odds.

Aside from capturing the essence of the Zulu culture, Stuurman’s collaboration with Gucci has also brought the culture to the forefront of the global fashion industry. His work has challenged the conventional norms of the fashion world and elevated the representation of African heritage globally. Stuurman’s art serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of cultural diversity and the need to celebrate and preserve the heritage of marginalised communities, particularly those in the African diaspora.


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