For many of us, the dawn of spring is the perfect time to refresh our wardrobes and beauty cabins, whether that means weeding out what no longer feels relevant or testing out new trends. The spring 2023 runways brought plenty of inspiration, from sheer fabrics at Tory Burch to fringe decals at Michael Kors. Meanwhile, the street style looks brought each spring trend to life, showing us how to wear cardigans, tote bags, and miniskirts for every day. In the case of our Fashion Editor, Thobeka Mbane, the inclination to add more quiet luxury this season is undeniable.

Going for elegant, subtle colours, Thobeka is embracing luxury pieces, from a knitted two-piece by the astounding Wanda Lephoto to the raved Ted Baker tote bag.


Ahead, see which items our Fashion Editor is committing to now that weather temperatures are warmer, yet somewhat unpredictable.


Wanda Lephoto Me Fie Polo Shirt

2 999,00 ZAR


Wanda Lephoto Me Fie Knitwear Pants

2 499,00 ZAR


The runways have spoken: knitwear is a big spring trend, with knitted cardigans and two-pieces leading the wave. Our Fashion Editor, Thobeka Mbane approves this transcendental trend. “One would think knitwear is too warm for spring but this two-piece from Wanda Lephoto’s collection is actually so comfortable and weather-appropriate”, expressed Thobeka.


Founded on critical research that focuses on cultural fusion, collaboration, spirituality, inclusivity, and tailoring, Wanda Lephoto aims to fuse two or more worlds to create a space that is free and allows people to negotiate the boundaries of their own representation and identity through style and culture. This is illustrated through the Me Fie two-piece which is a bridge between African culture (the patterns say it all) and modern fashion.


Fenty Eau De Parfum 75ml

2 910, 00 ZAR


Great fragrances don’t have to shout; they can effortlessly capture your attention with an aura. This is true for Fenty’s much-loved namesake fragrance, Fenty Eau De Parfum. Capitalising on her popularity as the best-smelling celebrity in Hollywood, Rihanna launched Fenty Perfume in 2021, following the remarkable success of the Fenty beauty brand. Floral and woody, Fenty Eau De Parfum promises a raw, sensual, spicy, and sweet composition with notes of tangerine, blueberry, magnolia, rose, musk, and patchouli. Speaking about the fragrance, Thobeka shared that the perfume’s bold, yet subtle nature is what sets it apart from the rest. “I love perfumes that aren’t too overwhelming. With Fenty Eau De Parfum, a few spritzes go a great long way,” said the Fashion Editor.



FARFETCH Maison Margiela Tabi-toe Mary Jane Shoes

1,012, 00 USD

Few fashion items divide fashion enthusiasts’ opinions as vehemently as the Margiela Tabi. Recognisable only to those in the know, and prompting everything from repulsion to puzzlement from everyone else, the split-toe shoe has garnered a cult following of cloven-hoofed fans. A staple that can be worn with jeans, midi dresses, or the sheer trend – the Margiela Tabi is justifiably one of Thobeka’s top picks for Spring.


Ted Baker Black Sukicon Tote Bag

1275, 00 ZAR



Although the popularity of tote bags has fluctuated in recent years, totes are currently in style. The trendy bags are perfect for carrying all your essentials, whether you’re running errands, going to work, or hitting the beach. Moreover, tote bags are a versatile and practical fashion accessory, making them one of our Fashion Editor’s favourite fashion accessories at the moment. “What’s better than a classic tote bag that can carry your entire life? I love its classy and elegant aesthetic, as well as its affordability,” expressed Thobeka.

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