Meet the dynamic fashionista duo, Tsiko & Thiko Mudau, identical twins who are not just fashion and lifestyle influencers, but also STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) enthusiasts with thriving careers. Tsiko, better known as Neaco is a UX Designer, while Thiko better known as Camello is a Digital Project Manager. Together, they are set to launch their groundbreaking brand, Matchbox Studios which will take the fashion industry by storm.


Popularly known for being style connoisseurs, the 26-year-old sisters use their respective social media platforms to showcase their fashion ensembles, which are often a fusion of street and chic styles. As fashion industry taste-makers in their own right, Neaco and Camello have worked with various clothing brands including Cotton On, Converse, Refinery, and Levi’s. Their content seamlessly blends fashion-forward style with the world of tech, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship – inspiring our generation to embrace both STEM and creativity.


Neaco (left) and Camello (right)


We had a chat with the elegantes to talk all things personal style, fashion collaborations and exciting projects on the horizon!

Where did your interest in fashion start? Would you say your style is similar or opposite to one another?

Neaco: My interest in fashion started when I was in primary school. My inspiration was mainly derived from my mother since she is a shopaholic and brought that onto us. Thereafter, I fell in love after discovering my personal style, which I channelled through music – specifically Hip Hop and R&B. I believe our style is similar AND opposite.

Camello: My interest in fashion started when my mom used to dress myself and my sister. She had an amazing eye for fashion when we were growing up. She let us spread our fashion wings when she entrusted us with our own clothing choices. I would say my style is fairly similar but more so slightly opposite to my sister’s.


How would you describe your personal style and what is it inspired by?

Neaco: My personal style is street chic but mostly streetwear. I do not like confining myself to a box because fashion is so multifaceted. One may find inspiration from somewhere and then decide to apply it to their personal style.




Camello: My personal style is more street chic. I gained my fashion interest and inspiration through my favourite fashion style icon, Rihanna. She manages to look so street but adds on the chic girly factor to all her looks.




You mentioned that music played a big role in developing your personal styles. Tell us more about that.

We would say that music played a pivotal role in both our styles as it brought out our creativity especially when we used to make use of YouTube, where we played around with songs that worked well with style tips we would share with our audience.


You have collaborated with various fashion brands. What has been your favourite campaign/ collaboration and why?

Our collaborations with Cotton On have been our favourite. They allow us to have creative freedom and control over our content and they allow us to play around with their choice of clothes they put out every month. Definitely our best brand collaboration to work with thus far.



What is your advice to fashion enthusiasts who aspire to become fashion influencers like yourselves?

The first thing they would need to know is to discover their own personal style. People see fashion influencers every day and would like to find someone new that resonates with their style they never knew was out there. Prioritise intercepting yourself in spaces that increase your creativity, then emphasise it when creating your fashion content so you can stand out.


South Africa boasts a plethora of talented fashion designers. Who are some of your favourites?

Thebe Magugu



MMuso Maxwell

Matchbox Studios (coming soon)


Which runway has the best street style looks between London and New York Fashion Week?

We would say New York Fashion Week.


If you could only wear one pair of shoes forever, which ones would it be?

Neaco: Converse Platform Chuck Taylor

Camello: New Balance 350s


What is your go-to fashion accessory?

Neaco: Jewellery and sunglasses

Camello: Hats and sunglasses


Summer or winter fashion? Why?

We both love winter fashion, because we love sombre colours and those colours work best with the season. There’s just something about winter clothes from coats, jackets, beanies, hats, pants, you name it.


What is your current fashion obsession?

Neaco: Trucker caps and jords.

Camello: Oversized pants with kitten heels.


What are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in the future?

We are currently working on our clothing brand called Matchbox Studios ZA (@matchboxstudiosza on Instagram). It is currently in production and we are extremely excited to show you all the results of our journey. Stay tuned for exciting announcements.






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